BRUMA: is the dialect word for the morning fog that rises in the areas along the Isonzo River. The whole hamlet surrounding the fortress of Gradisca was also known as BRUMA. The walls surrounding the Fortress, said to be designed by Leonardo da Vinci, were built to defend the Most Serene Republic of Venice from the Turk invasion. (1479/1490)


DOC Friuli Isonzo


70% Malvasia Istriana, 30% Tocai Friulano

Vine training system:



pebbly limestone rich in iron oxides


mid September

Method of harvesting:

by hand


maceration on the skins under a controlled temperature and fermentation in barrique


in wood for 12 months with frequent batonnage

Description and food pairing:

intense bouquet with a floral character; it is fruity, spicy with hints of vanilla; very well balanced with a great structure and character. Excellent with raw seafood, first course dishes with mushrooms and truffle, boiled meats and soft veined cheeses.