The territory

The Friuli Venezia Giulia region is located due northeast of Italy on the border with Slovenia and Austria. Before the Isonzo River flows into the Adriatic Sea it forms a plain particularly suitable for growing vines, as the soil is rich in pebbles and iron minerals, which also gives it its particular reddish colour. The climate, whose severity of the winter season is mitigated by the sea breeze and the backing Julian Prealps, together with the soil create an excellent terroir for the production of well-structured, aromatic, white wines with bright minerality and sapidity, and fresh, fragrant red wines with a high concentration of fruit and long keeping potential.

The Soil


Set between the Karst plateau and the rolling hills of the Collio, bathed by the Adriatic sea and crossed by the river Isonzo, the Blason vineyards lie in a unique terrain. The red earth, high in mineral content but also warm and aerated due to the presence of the stones, is perfect for the vines to take hold and express their maximum potential.


The Vineyards


The high-density vineyards are all trellised on the guyot system and grown using the most modern agronomic techniques.


The Winery


In the winery technology is important, but quality has always been determined on the vine and is matured with the experience and passion we have for our work.