Today our land extends over 45 hectares, of which 18 are given to vineyards. The vineyards are managed in a way that makes the most of the mild climate and the rough, stony soil and the result is wines which are fruity, mineral and aromatic. The techniques used in cultivating the vines respect the principles of sustainable agriculture, where man and nature complement each other.

Our History


A story of Friuli Venezia Giulia: with agricultural roots and passion which grows and matures into great wines. Thanks to this tradition, but above all, thanks to his family and to a close-knit and expert team of workers, Giovanni has redirected the family wine business and is now known and esteemed both in Italy and abroad.


“Our philosophy at Blason is to work constantly to improve, to meet the needs of our customers both at home and abroad, always keeping in mind our fundamental values regarding sustainability.”

House in Bruma n° 23

“I started my researches on the house belonging to my husband Giovanni Blason in 2002. The elegant finishing of the building, the garden architecture with the flowerbeds and bushes arranged in the style of a classical Italian garden, stirred my curiosity. I thought my researches would bring be back to the beginning of the 900s but actually I soon discovered that the main building and the annexes had a more complex and interesting history. Going through the State archives of Gorizia – the richest source of information on the ancient county of Gorizia and Gradisca – I found the oldest piece of information on the existence of the house…..” Read more…


Our Family and The Staff


“Valentina, Giulia and Andrea. My family. My today and my tomorrow. The most important thing in my life.”


Giovanni, Alberto and Roberto manage the vines using targeted intervention in order to enhance the natural balance between the vine, the soil and the climate. The grapes, ripe, healthy and intensely flavoured, are the result of a richly aromatic heritage.

The winemaking process, closely managed by Giovanni, Andrea Rossi and Alberto, is in continual evolution, but always with an eye firmly on tradition.